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Compe ni compe roho safi! Ethic throws shade at Benzema’s ‘ngwatiology’

June 11, 2020 at 11:50
Compe ni compe roho safi! Ethic throws shade at Benzema's 'ngwatiology'

Ethic feels played by social media fans and if I am not wrong they are also blaming Ezekiel Mutua for treating them unfairly!

The popular gengetone artist revealed this in a Tweet where they pointed out at Benzema’s new song Ngwatiology; which has been receiving massive love from fans despite the dirty content it carries.

In a tweet seen by Ghafla, the boys made it known that if it were them; they would have ended up in jail for dropping such a song. However, when it comes to Benzema everyone seems smitten by his bad boy vibe!

Their social media manager went on to write saying;

Kama ni thic ndio ingekuwa imetoa hiyo ngoma ya ‘Ngwatiology’ tukuwa tumekimbizwa kamiti


Pedophile content!

However fans on the other hand needed them to understand why Benzema’s content has never rubbed anyone wrong! According to most comments, fans reminded Ethic that Benzema has never painted any minor as a sex object in his music.

This is something they wouldn’t understand since their last song left many disgusted after singing about a minor’s private parts. Well, having done that, there is no way Kenyans on social media will let this slide easily!


Others went on to remind Ethics that they are the pioneers of Zero content music; that has helped nurture more artists like them. But in Benzema’s case, he delivers his music in a more creative way that entertains his chosen few on social media.

Brothers in the industry?

Seeing how KoT was responding to their tweet, the boys went on to make it clear that there was no bad blood between them and Benzema.

They went on to sarcastically mention that their tweet was aimed at helping push ‘ngwatiology’; and not asking Kenyans to flag it down.

We also can’t forget that they also have an upcoming album set to be released soon; which might explain why they have been trying to beef with artists on social media.





  1. Compe ni compe roho safi! Ethic throws shade at Benzema's 'ngwatiology' - Kenyan Digest : June 11, 2020 at 12:08 pm

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