“Congratulations to Bahati. I love that guy so much” Mr Seed proves he holds no grudges

August 21, 2019 at 15:23
"Congratulations to Bahati. I love that guy so much" Mr Seed proves he holds no grudges

Gospel BFFs, Bahati and Mr Seed came so close yet so distant after their beef this year escalated to its highest.

The two have not only worked together, rather established a family under Bahati’s EMB record label.

While they were still boys, friendship was their everyday hustle. However, February this year, Kenyans witnessed a bitter fallout between the two, and it has never been the same again.


Money seemingly drew them apart both as colleagues, BFFs and family ties. Despite the feud, they now have each built their own kind of lifestyles and families.

On Sunday, Mr Seed spoke to ‘Word Is’ and shared a lot. Surprisingly, Mr Seed still has his respect for his more boss, Bahati as he congratulates the young couple on their newborn son, Majesty Bahati.

Congratulations to Bahati. I love that guy so much. I even texted him today to congratulate him but he didn’t respond. Congratulations to Diana as well.

It is all in the past for the ‘Simama’ singer who is grateful for his family. Even releasing his recent jam ‘Superstar’ in which he features wife, Nimo Gachuiri.

I’m very grateful to God. My family is growing.

The song release comes ahead of the multiple marriage scandals the couple has witnessed and to them, their union is truly one ordained by God.



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