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Contemporary ballet meets Kenya gospel

April 08, 2019 at 13:44
Contemporary ballet meets Kenya gospel

One Eddy Njenga is currently making headlines thanks to his latest song ‘Ulinipenda’ which he uses ballet and contemporary dance to illustrate God’s redemption and love.

The mellow tune and high quality visuals create a video that’s easily memorable and catchy to the eye. For a while now Eddy Njenga has managed to come up with unique music videos and ‘Ulinipenda’ is his latest project.

Quality unique videos

So far he has dropped ‘Bila wewe’ and ‘Tazama’ which have been received quite well by his fans. With such beautiful and inspiring music videos we can all agree that Eddy Njenga’s music will definitely be headlining when it comes to Kenyan gospel music.

Watch his latest project below:




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