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Countdown! Otile Brown to quit music in less than 30 days

September 24, 2019 at 10:19
Countdown! Otile Brown to quit music in less than 30 days

Otile Brown seems to be going through a rough time after a split with his Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabayet.

This struck him so bad that he purposefully made a music release purely dedicated to her, dubbed ‘Nabayet’.

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The Kenyan RnB artist decided that since his ways to lure a sassy Nabayet back to his heart has proven futile, he will have fans fight his battles.

His song in part reads:

Namtendekeza kama mtoto ata chakula kwa mkono hashiki. Just know that I am doing well. I am begging my fans to please convince her to forgive me.

Adding that his calls aren’t getting picked therefore warranting him to place a deadline for his heart to find its lost soul.

So if in the next less than 3 months, Nabayet doesn’t come back, he will quit what heloves doing most and what fends him.

She is not even picking my calls. If she does not forgive me in the next 3 weeks or even talk to me I will quit music. I know there are critics who will enjoy me leaving music.

Let’s watch this space. Because last time I checked, Nabayet politely turned down the offer. Will he quit for love really?




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