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Curvy radio queen Kamene Goro speaks on having children

September 29, 2020 at 16:39
Curvy radio queen Kamene Goro speaks on having children

Many have been acquainted to Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro fun and party life but very little has been said about her desire to have a family.

After previously being engaged to a romantic guy who decided to dump her over a WhatsApp call just weeks to their wedding, Kamene has clarified she might never have kids.

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The babe engaged fans in an online Q&A session where they were allowed to throw in questions they would wish to know about the curvy lass.

Kenyan fine babe Kamene Goro

Kids or not?

In a screenshot grabbed by one of the local publications, a curious fan asked whether she had any kids and a frank Kamene responded;

No kids…I actually may not want to ever have kids.

Kamene Goro children

Photo courtesy

Her sentiments have since attracted mixed reactions from fans, some lauding her for frankly stating her opinion and sticking to it.

While a section raised all sorts of speculations about why the fine babe might not be in the interest of siring any kids under her name.

Curvy babe, Kamene Goro

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Being her own boss

Kamene’s declaration comes barely weeks after revealing she had mega plans for the new year before Corona hit, having just started to live the dream life she had worked for, for so long but none came to be.

Talking of the holiday vacation she kept postponing, her plans to get a new car, new house and just upgrading her life.

Ms Kamene Goro

Plus, the radio queen has been hitting the gym running, to shed off the extra kilos and get herself back to shape.

Well, it seems, Kamene is all about enjoying her life before she lets anyone into it.




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