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Cute photos of Sauti Sol’s Polycarp spending some good time with newborn lights up the Internet

October 27, 2020 at 09:18
Cute photos of Sauti Sol’s Polycarp spending some good time with newborn lights up the Internet

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers and wife Lady Mandy must be having the time of their life, starting off a parenting journey weeks after welcoming a bouncing baby boy.

The couple was Blessed to welcome their first child together and the first child of the popular boy-band group that has only made the last few weeks worthwhile.

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The Kenyan-Burundian couple has been parading snippets of their newborn online, keeping secret the baby’s name and birth details.

Baby O unveiled

However, the new mom in town, could not help but gush over her Blessing, sharing a breathtaking photo of the newborn’s feet together with hers.

Baby O and Mama O aka Lady Mandy

A priceless photo that left fans ogling over what must be an interesting journey both for the mom and her weeks-old baby boy.

Fancy fingers dad-son moments

The renowned guitarist and producer finally let fans in on what has been going on behind the scenes, with a series of enviable photos, spending some good time with his newborn son.

Fancy Fingers fatherhood journey

Going by the name ‘Baby O’, the adorable newborn was spotted lying next to their dog, as Fancy Fingers musing behind the camera, adored the beautiful spectacle.

“Today I took Baby O out to the sun but th dog took over and is doing a great job so far being a protector! Picture Perfect ❤️❤️.”

Baby O sun basking

Fans were impressed by the new dad’s adventure in his fatherhood journey, showing nothing but love forr the photo.

Before crowning it with a photo of him lying back, with his newborn sweetly placed on his chest, hair already grown and it was a sight to behold.

For the guitarist, Baby O is “My Love. My Heart. My Everything. A perfect Sunday it is.”

Fancy Fingers with newborn son

Meanwhile, Lady Mandy could only envy the cute dad-son moment that seems to have displaced her in the photo.

“Those words used to describe me a few weeks ago… 😐 but I cannot complain about the replacement bruh , so so worth it. #myboys ♥️❣️”.

Lady Mandy looking flawless weeks after welcoming newborn

Congratulations to the pair!




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