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Daddy Owen proves he’s not an ‘instagram dad’ and spends time with his kid: We take long drives to bond

January 24, 2019 at 12:33
Daddy Owen proves he's not an 'instagram dad' and spends time with his kid: We take long drives to bond

A quick look at Instagram you’ll find younger men posting their sons and daughters almost everyday and sharing how special they are to them. Still, most of these kids’ mothers are out here calling out their men for not spending time with their children. Such men are usually refereed to as instagram fathers who only share photos but spend months before spending quality with their kids.

Gospel singer Daddy Owen, however, shed light that he doesn’t belong to this bashed category of  dads.

In an interview with Word Is, the singer said that he drops off his kid at school instead of paying for a bus.

“Fatherhood is okay. Every day I learn something new from the kids. You know being a parent helps one understand better the struggles our parents went through when we were young.Being a father also makes one understand things they could not understand before. I always drop my son to school every morning, despite the fact the school offers an option where one can pay for transport when paying school fees,” he said. 

Bonding during weekends

Another thing that Daddy Owen, who welcomed his second born with wife Farida Wambui last year June, does to connect with his son is take long drives during the weekends.

“Technology has taken over. Instead of them spending all their time in the house playing video games, we take long drives. That’s one way for us to bond and know what’s going on in his life. It’s very important to me. On weekends we also take long drives alone.” he said. 





  1. leaving the mom alone in the house?

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