Dancehall star Shavey of the famed ‘Gyal’ hit song dies after being run over by matatu

March 20, 2018 at 09:20
Dancehall star Shavey of the famed 'Gyal' hit song dies after being run over by matatu

Dancehall star Shavey famed for the hit song ‘Gyal’ with Slice has passed on. Shavey died in his Kayole neighborhood on Tuesday.

Kapuka Facts says that Shavey died after being run over by a Kayole matatu. It’s however not clear under what circumstance the matatu ran over Shavey.

From grace to grass

Shavey had been a ‘squadi tout’ for matatus plying the greater Kayole route. The dancehall star last made headlines in September 2013 when he was arrested for breaking into a butchery to steal meat.

Below is the video of Shavey’s hit song ‘Gyal’:





  1. talent lost, rip

  2. how sad

  3. Its shameful how artistes in Kenya become bankrupt and their colleagues never help

  4. RIP

  5. RIP

  6. I met Shavey in 2103 and noticed that he had a rare talent in the Kenyan dancehall arena. His voice was a rare one. I went on and signed him and Slice for a serious comeback. Our first recording, Bayuda, recieved moderate airplay. We could not move to the next project as alcohol was taking toll on Shavey. At one point I took them on a Western tour but it was even dificult for him to perform as he was too weak for the stage and this was sad.

    We have lost an untapped talent and his hit with Slice-Gual will remain a club banger.


    • Hi Mose…would like to talk to ya..halla please 0725458986

    • Too sad.I attended his show in club changes Busia border and man those guys were pure talent.Slice even gave me their promotional CD of mad songs which I never hear them playing on any radio station.I am really a sad man,we’ve seriously lost pure talent in Africa.My all time best Kenyan artist.I wish I knew his whereabouts before, shocking that he became a tout n lost his life.Too sad.kindly inform me about Slice whereabouts.

  7. Ignore the typos up there *2013, Gyal

  8. Growing up in eastlands is the worst case scenario for any young males.

  9. rip soldier………..\

  10. my friends and I tried to collaborate him with one of us for a come back some few months ago and believe me! he came up with a song in five minutes.
    too bad ameenda kama hatujaifanya!!!
    a very sad day in kayole

  11. why was he even a tout! i fucking loved this song!

  12. Too Sad.And where is his counterpart SLICE?!

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