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Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

December 23, 2019 at 09:35
Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

Danzak is back to close the year 2019 with a dance song Anajishaua. The song has been dedicated to former miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu. It is the best song I have heard this year praising the beauty queen.

In addition, DanZak, the East Africa born-Omani singer, is a songwriter and airline pilot. Also, the star wishes to share this as a New Years gift and close 2019 on a high note!

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First, Anajishaua is a very uplifting dance song that speaks of a girl with an exciting attitude towards him.

In this case, the style of music here is a combination of Bongo Flava, Dancehall and Afropop blended with Arabic flavours.

Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

To start with, Anajishaua has the best quality video that you will come across. He is all praises to Wema Sepetu in this song.

According to the star, he is describing Wema as a woman who is driving him crazy. Also, he goes ahead to mention her dress code.

Anajishaua is all praises about Wema Sepetu

Anajua kujipamba, well you will agree with the star on this. Wema is a pretty lady who handles herself with a lot of decorum.

Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

Danzak also goes to say that Wema resembles the fairytale cinderella starting from her dress code. She is always well dressed and one cannot go wrong about her.

Although Wema Sepetu has ties with Diamond Platinumz, this has not scared Danzak to speak out his mind. Anajishaua is enough to bring Wema close to him.

Danzak dedicates Anajishaua to Wema Sepetu

Also, it was earlier on rumoured that the star was interested in her but she turned her down. Am not sure how many women are longing for this kind of a man.

To add on, Danzak has given the lyrics a fair treatment. I mean I will be right to say that his lyrical prowess is unmatched.

Further, into this piece of art, there is a lot of love shown towards the Tanzanian beauty who is said to be calm and loving.

In conclusion, Danzak gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.




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