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Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

December 30, 2019 at 17:53
Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

Darassa is back after his latest collaboration with Nameless. This time he is back with a new tune dubbed Yumba. In addition, he has teamed up with Tanzania’s finest, Harmonize. Simply this is where Darassa seeks king of the Konde Gang.

Yumba is the duo’s song for closing the year. It is not clear if they will all have their own individual songs to close the song.

Harmonize brings on his Bongo Fleva feel whereas Darassa brings out his poetic style. Am telling this is the best song of the day. It has two styles incorporated and I assure you it is worth your time.

Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

Yumba is a Kiswahili word which simply means sway. In this case, it is easy to understand the deeper meaning of the song and how it is easy to relate with.

Actually, this song is very interesting. The duo is talking about having a crazy night in bed where they were in a steamy sex session with their lovers.

In the introductory part, they talk of how they left their clothes lying everywhere during the night only to find them all over.

Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

Interestingly, for them, there is a line they call on the girl to teach her what she is not gonna lean in school. This Yumba song by Darassa and Harmonize will be the end of me.

Yumba gets interesting deeper when one learns that what this girl will be taught is all about sex by some drank guys. Hapo kati hata mabubu wanatoaga sauti. In short even the deaf and dumb feel the sweetness in between the legs.

Darassa and Harmonize have left me laughing my lungs out. I mean the title Yumba is not even close to what they have in their lyrics.

The video is great and the creativity is on point. I beg to end my review here so that you can go deeper into the song. In conclusion, Darassa and Harmonize get a rating of 7/ 10.

Video below.




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