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Darassa is back with “Leo” featuring Jux

April 10, 2019 at 10:14
Darassa is back with "Leo" featuring Jux

Darassa is back, this time with Jux for the jam ‘Leo’. This duo is not disappointing and the song is worth watching and listening to. The audio was produced by Abbah and the video directed by Hanscan. Leo is a swahili word which simply means today. Darassa is well known for his poetic kind of music and it is a cultivating one.

Into production, the jam was well thought off. Looking at the setting of the location was great and well done. Also the sound was well catered for making it clear to get the lyrics. The beats of the song bring out the hype in Darassa. There is creativity in the video, for instance, during introduction Darassa is frying something which gives taste to the introduction.

I like Darassa’s poetic introduction; ” Hello its me again Mr Burudani, take away the pain Pole kwa kuchelewa si unajua foleni Nawapa vidonge kutuliza complain” This is an apology to the fans for being late. Isn’t this a good way to capture attention?

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On to my favourite part; “Kichwa, sijabeba kama pambo Akili, nimetega kwenye chambo Fullu, charge na fullu bundle Ukileta usoo, unawekwa kando” metaphorical description is used to show how ready he is today as he gets back.

“Leo” is open to anyone especially those who understand the Tanzanian swahili. Look at the words how they are flowing. Although the lyrics are good I would only play the audio on the airwaves and the video in a club setting. Also the vixens give the song life. They are scantly dressed for the video and the way they dance to the song is good.

Generally, the duo teaming up is a good thing, they have given power to music collaboration. I would give the song a rating of 6/10. I am a huge fan of Darassa and the poetic style in his work.

Watch full video by clicking the link below.

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