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Dazlah is back with ‘Bora Wa Zamani’

July 19, 2019 at 20:47
Dazlah; Bora Wa Zamani hit maker

Dazlah is back with a new single dubbed Bora Wa Zamani. This guy is really trying and I must say he just got the voice. I keep asking myself why he is not getting more views. Anyway today he has brought us a new hit Bora Wa Zamani.

Dazlah is really talented and the way he writes his music is somehow inspirational. Bora Wa Zamani talks about a falling relationship. The Swahili singer uses Swahili in this jam to express feelings.

He brings out the emotions so well in this song. For starters, he shedding tears as he is singing inside that studio. He says that he is getting hurt with the rumors on newspapers and on social media.

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‘Bora Wa Zamani’ Message

Bora Wa Zamani is a song that most people can relate to. To add on that the soft spoken Kidekide hit-maker has the best lyrics for this jam. First you will notice the simplicity in it. I swear I can listen to Dazlah over and over again without getting tired.

This jam has a soft tone and for sure it is what drives the theme home.  says that he is reminded of his earlier love from the events happening. He feels that from the lover he is having currently he is trending in the wrong direction. He compares her to the predecessor.

Dazlah still keeping the music vibe. Bora Wa Zamani


In addition to the great words, we must acknowledge the team behind this jam. Actually, you realize that the audio is superb. There is is no mixing. It is well done and thanks to the producer. Audio is the work of Tee Hits.

First, the video is simple. All the work was done in a recording studio and it turns out to be great. Directed by Dir_Omar BM Films. Such a great idea that is more cost effective.

Also, the background is very simple and it brings the mood in the Bora Wa Zamani song. In conclusion, Dazlah is a great talent that is not growing.

Last but not least, Dazlah’s Bora Wa Zamani gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.

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