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Dazlah’s ‘Shika Kushika’ praises Kenyan music

August 24, 2019 at 16:26
Dazlah's new jam Shika Kushika is out

Dazlah hits up again with this jam Shika kushika. In this new hit he really praises Kenyan music.

A smart way of selling his counterparts among nations. The artist approach is a smart way of gaining fans, even from other artists supporters.

What is ‘Shika Kushika’about?

He is telling how music plays all round in villages ,clubs and even motorbikes. The artist goes ahead to say how, Kenya is number one well represented. This is by how Kenyan music hits in different areas and even beyond borders.  The rate at which Kenyan music is played internationally, makes us well known.

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Dazlah is telling how he feels proud about it.  How  Kenyan music is fun and we even Kenyans feel proud about it, and  of how our music is known. The rate at which  songs are known, in different nations make us proud. He thus sings how our music “ una shika kushika,  unakamata” in his chorus part of the jam.

How Dazlah's 'Shika Kushika' praises Kenyan music

The artist goes ahead and sings, the rate at which our music is played. It  makes people crazy  as our music plays and replays again.  It soothes many and thus  making our music to be played widely. People enjoy and have fun all day and night till it dawns . He goes ahead to mention some famous artists among them who’ve our music famous.  Among  them being Jua Kali, Nameless among others.


Generally the song is well done. We can give it a good rating as he being one of our own, agrees of how best Kenyan music is. Many artists have tried to give Kenya the best. Thus giving credit where it deserves thumbs up Dazlah.  Let’s support Kenyan music.

In conclusion, Dazlah is really working hard and he is super talented. He only needs to market his music. Shika Kushika gets a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the audio.





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