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“Diamond hakulipa mahari” Ringtone buys 42 cows which he wants to pay as dowry for Zari

February 21, 2018 at 07:17
"Diamond hakulipa mahari" Ringtone buys 42 cows which he wants to pay as dowry for Zari

Ringtone’s obsession with Zari Hassan is only gaining momentum. The controversial gospel singer was quick to declare his intentions the moment Zari announced she had dumped Diamond.The ‘Wacha Iwe’ hit maker asked for Zari phone number in a viral post on social media. Ringtone said that he was ready to accept Zari with her five children.Also read: Ringtone offers to marry Zari, promises to take care of her five children

Zari Hassan with her sons

Dowry paymentRingtone has since bought 42 cows which he wants to pay as dowry for Zari. The gospel singer argues that Diamond didn’t pay dowry so he doesn’t have any claim over Zari. “Leo tumenunua ngombe 42 ambazo tunapanga kupeleka Uganda kwa Akina Zari wakati ukifika. Na kieleweke vyema KAMA MWANAMME HAJALIPA MAHARI BADO HUYO MSICHANA SI WAKE.Ama namna gani????? Na please mwambieni Diamond asimtolee Zari wimbo aende atoe mahari Kama all serious. For us tuko tayari kwenda Uganda na tulipe wala hatuogopi tunafunga na kuomba Mungu atupe ushindi,” wrote Ringtone.

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Ringtones shows off the cows he bought

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  1. Obsession will kill u,ni ayo tu kwa sasa

  2. I think you are out of your mind

  3. What is Love,? Love is when insanity, obssessivenes, unsound minded people, Aggressive behavior,envolutional melancholic and bad games in love that is more witnessed to among artist, they play a ball, they give pass to one another, that is reality thus this can, lead to HIV transmission and other stds, my fact, 1:i hate this, 2:no love to more wives or husband ,it’s polygamism.

  4. Utaweza kweli??

  5. Ringtone I think you have problems in your brain..!!

  6. Muoe zari hapo anahitaji mume wa kumshushia injili

  7. rigtone yawah! something must be wrong with your digestive system…….

  8. Zari Hassan explains why Ringtone has zero change of marrying her : February 26, 2018 at 10:58 am

    […] Also read: “Diamond hakulipa Mahari” Ringtone buys 42 cows which he wants to pay as dowry for Zari […]

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