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Diamond Platinumz´ deep message in new jam ¨Inama¨

June 11, 2019 at 12:17
Diamond Platinumz´ deep message in new jam ¨Inama¨

Diamond´s hit anthem ¨Inama¨ is not only #1 Trending on You Tube, but also speaks out on his failed relationship with Zari, that has cost him his 2 kids.

¨Inama¨ is a song featuring Congolese singer-songwriter, Fally Ipupa.

The much anticipated video is finally out, hardly clocking 2 days since its release, already scooping close to 2 Million views on You Tube.

Chibu has widely promoted his new jam across all social media platforms, with the help of family, friends and fans.

Inama´s choreography is well put having taken the bongo star weeks just to learn Fally Ipupa´s signature moves.

As for Fally Ipupa´s vocals, that is definitely a 10!

For the keen observers, it would be just to say that Diamond´s collabos always do way better compared to his solos.

Something other artistes should also embrace.

That by no means, means that artistes should rush into collabos because if you two [or more] don´t blend, then it will be a waste of time and energy.


However, there is a much deeper message the Tanzanian crooner is trying to relay to his audience with his most recent broken marriage with Zari topping the list.

The two might have seemingly moved on with their lives but ¨Inama¨ reveals that Diamond is still largely affected.

The father of 2 kids from Zari speaks about how love has built boundaries between him and his 2 young ones.

Having to only see them on social media, before actually unfollowing them.

Diamond sings:

Penzi oyoyo, limeleta kwa wanangu vita, siku hizi siwaoni.

Naishia kuwalike Insta.

The bongo artist further discloses details of cheating allegations between Harmonize´s girlfriend and Mwarabu fighter.

Piece of advice

Diamond Platinumz however leaves pieces of advice to the young men seeking to go into relationships, advising:

Hivo asiyekupenda, achana naye.

Anayekupenda pendana naye.

Chack it out!




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