Diamond Platinumz´ DJ, Romy Jones´ battle with alcohol

March 21, 2019 at 17:27
Diamond Platinumz´ DJ, Romy Jones´ battle with alcohol

DJ Romy Jones, is the wiz behind the turn tables and the ace stage performances of the entire Wasafi team.

However, he has had his setbacks.

Tetema hitmaker, Diamond Platinumz and DJ Jones (right)


The DJ picks out a particular incident that lives engrossed in his mind and that changed him for the better:


I took 2 bottles of alcohol, different colors then took a shot of whisky.

I went on stage and bro, I couldn´t hear anything nor could I remember anything the next day.

DJ Romy Jones

Diamond´s DJ confesses he had serious addiction when it came to alcohol.

Bongo flava artiste, Diamond Platinumz and his DJ, Romy Jones

This might have lead to wrangles among his team members, whom are closely knit.

However, he fought hard to spare his teammates from regular fights, and had to give up one thing:

When watching the clip afterwards I asked myself, why did the management team allow me to step on stage like that?

Funny enough it all went well other than there is a song I did not finish performing to the end.

Romy Jones

These are just but a few incidences that actually made him give up alcohol.

Every time I try to remember that night, I fail, that is when I realized, alcohol can mess up your head and your memory.

It´s also just baggage.

Going for gigs and meeting with a hangover, you can´t eat.

Aah, so I decided to quit.

Romy Jones

However, Romy Jones points out that actually, him and Diamond are so close, to an extent they refer to each other as brothers.

Tanzanian artiste, Diamond Platinumz and his brother Romeo Abdul, alias DJ Jones

Their bond stands the test of time!

It is now 3 years, since the Wasafi team DJ, ditched the drink.




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