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Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

February 26, 2020 at 19:07
Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

Diamond Platinumz has been branded the best artiste in East Africa. However, his creativity has now become a topic of discussion.

One might think it is a coincidence that he gets to have worked similar to other celebrities globally. Actually, it is no longer the case. This man is just a copycat who can no longer come up with original work.

A couple of times the singer has been lashed for copying other artistes in the video. One thing to note about Diamond Platinumz’s video is that they have always been copied.

Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

With his latest two songs Gere and Jeje, a lot has come out and it is clear he is no longer good. We cannot blame his director because he as Diamond Platinumz is the boss. He got to decided what is been done.

First, look at Gere, two brains, Diamond Platinumz and Tanasha Donna had to copy all video scenes from Iza’s Brisa songs. Dude needs to be creative! I mean if you have to copy, do it in a twisted way.

In addition, on Jeje he has openly stolen creativity from Burna and Wizkid. Dude this leaves us with questions like does he even write his works or he translates?

Again where does he even get the energy to copy all this and keep repeating it again and again? Also, it is not the second that Diamond Platinumz has been accused of plagiarism.  There are a lot of videos online showing how he has copied costumes of big hits.

Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work

I know you will still argue with me that he is still the biggest in East Africa but please keep your stones. Also, this is how people slowly lose their audience and fan base.

To add on, am left wondering where did the old Diamond Platinumz go to. I’d rather watch the original work than this copied low budget scenes.

Diamond Platinumz has fooled his fans for long but Gere exposed him to the world. Lol, it is funny how he even can’t perform his work in concerts but only does the ones he has done remixes from other singers.

Diamond Platinumz improve on your work. The world will soon run away from your copied work.





  1. Diamond Platinumz has no originality in his work – VIP Celebrities : February 27, 2020 at 3:56 am


  2. even Wizkid has copied it from Tanzania artist known as johmakin the song called mchele so claims for them too, our artist diamond is still creativity and has a power more than Nigerians singer, leave us with our boss east Africa
    we love him because of his creativity

  3. Ushaienda show za diamond ama unaongea ujinga tu…diamond ndio msanii anaezakuja show akaimba nyimbo zake zote hadi zile hujui au ulishazisahau….alafu before kuongea kitu Fanya research hio video ya gerehaijacopiwa kilakitu sa nenda kaicheki vizuri utajua niwapi alicopy sio unaleta beef zakijinga

  4. Hacha Kutu Chafua Bongo Baba Tuna Fahamu Boss D P Haja Copy U Just Wanna Bring Grudge

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