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Diamond Platinumz says “Kanyaga” Ma-ex in new Jam

June 25, 2019 at 18:30
Kanyaga by Diamond Platinumz

Just before we could absorb the juice of  his previous song that we are still jamming to , Diamond Platinumz is back in the scene with a bigger jam dubbed Kanyaga.

Well, with a trail of controversy on his name almost everyday ,this new song seems to be sending a message. A message of change and growth and new beginnings.

However from the lyrics you’d sense some anger and frustrations in his voice. I mean who won’t get tired of being talked of by almost all sorts of people?

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Being the master of the game, Diamond Platinumz is proving that he is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Kanyaga loosely translates to Step literally.

Kanyaga is a reflection of your everyday society. A society that thrives on gossip, malice and exes that are out to tarnish you with any chance they get.

“Ati kanyaga ka ana pigo za unafiki,Kanyaga kama mmbeya asiye rafiki
Kanyaga kama fisi ana roho ya usnichi,Hakulishi, hakuvishi kwani vipi?”
 The song goes on you realize he also admonishes men that go borrowing drinks in clubs instead of buying their own.
Wazee wa shombo kudandia, kanyaga,Klabu kuomba omba bia, kanyaga
Further talks of slay queens that struggle to impress and when greeted with a simple hi, they go talking all sorts of nonsense.
…….Slay queens vitisho vya bandia,Ukivipa hai ati madai vinavimbia”…….
Wueeh!! Clearly baba Tiffah is pissed off!!


The chorus on its side carries the bigger weight of the song.Diamond calls out on fake people saying Kanyaga, the nay sayers Kanyaga, the fake in-laws and best part is when he says,

……Mpaka ma ex, Kanyaga!Mikosi, Kanyaga!Woooya Kanyaga!…… Hayaaaaa!! Nani amechokoza huyu mtu?

I sense another controversy in the the next few days. Meanwhile we will dance to this song as some people in our lives really  deserve “kukuanyagwa”


The music video was shot by Director Kenny under Zoom Production in Dar es Salaam. I must say they do a good job when it comes to music videos.

Anyway as we ponder on the deeper motivation to the making of this song, we shall keep dancing.

For rating I give  it   8/10.Below is the video watch and tell us what you think.





  1. Nice song

  2. Hapo Simba amecheza ka yeye

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