Diamond Platnumz close relative outs singer’s secret romantic relationship with Zuchu

For a while rumor has it that Diamond Platnumz is dating Zuchu and from the look of things, the relationship seems to be headed for marriage.

Zuchu with Diamond Platinumz

This however comes as a big surprise especially after how we saw Diamond Platnumz handle his ladies in the past – not forgetting his East African baby mamas. So how in the world did he manage to bag a low key girlfriend like Zuchu?

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Anyway so far the two have not addressed the rumors but their close relatives continue to make it obvious that they are an item. Zuchu’s mum recently denied knowing anything about the alleged romance but while at it – blessed the two kids to have a beautiful future.

Juma Lokole

Juma Lokole outs his bosses secret

Well, from Diamond Platnumz side looks like Juma Lokole the gossipmonger is the one who will be doing the talking; and believe me – so far everything he says always has some truth to it.

Speaking during his show at Wasafi TV Juma Lokole casually confirmed Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s relationship saying;

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Diamond with Zuchu

 Mimi nawafahamisha, Zuchu na Diamond kweli wana mahusiano. (I can confirm Zuchu and Diamond are in a relationship)

According to Lokole, the two love birds have been together for a month now and their love can’t be hidden as it’s true and beautiful.

Sasa hivi ni mwezi mmoja. Mapenzi hayafichiki. (It’s been a month already and their love can’t be hidden)

Well we can’t really say much about the alleged affair but come to think of it – Diamond Platnumz hasn’t  been trending of late – so could this be a strategy to get fans talking again?

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