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Diamond Platnumz’ dad: I have never met my grand kids, I don’t even know how Zari sounds

April 16, 2019 at 08:22
Diamond Platnumz' dad: I have never met my grand kids, I don't even know how Zari sounds

Zari Hassan and her two kids from Diamond Platnumz have never met Diamond’s dad in person.

Despite Zari and Diamond being together for close to five years, Diamond has never bothered to introduce them to his dad Mzee Juma.

Juma recently opened up about the issue saying that he doesn’t even know Zari’s voice because they have never met face to face.

”aah!sijai ona wajukuu wangu ata sauti yake zari sijawai sikia” he said. 

Never meet

Zari was Diamonds ex and they had two kids namely Tiffany and Nillian.

It’s not a secret Diamond and his dad never see eye to eye. Diamond has been dodging his dad for years now and it’s not shocking that he has never met his kids.

The day Mzee Juma planned to pay them a visit, Diamond had gone for a music tour, denying him a chance to see his grandchildren.





  1. God is good at last he as seen his children ,feel the love of your children

  2. Absentee fathere wants to see grandchildren! : April 20, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    For an absentee father who was not there for his son when he was a minor, his sense of entitlement is unreal…. Also he complains way too much!!!!

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