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Diamond Platnumz lights a new flame in “Yope” remix (video)

September 09, 2019 at 11:56
Diamond Platnumz lights a new flame in "Yope" remix (video)

Chibu Dangote is no street name and he is one hell of an organized artist when it comes to music, that we must admit!

He is a certified player when it comes to ‘bedroom’ matters with his long line of baby mamas, exes, side chiqs…the list is endless. However, when it comes to the music play field, he is no joke!

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So now, he has come out to prove he isn’t burn out yet after his numerous hit after another.

The Tanzanian superstar has dropped a new video release that he has featured on with Congolese musician, Innoss’B dubbed ‘Yope remix’ and it is red hot.

My oh my! A music release published just Saturday, the 7th of September 2019 and it is already Number #1 on trending up on You Tube.

The better part is it has garnered well over 1.5 Million views and just couple thousands before it hits 2 Million views.

Nani kama Simba? For sure, the WCB king has proven anything he features on or becomes a part of, will always bloom regardless of his competitors and critics.

Just 2 days and close to 2 Million views. C’mon, it is time we crowned him what he rightfully deserves.

A blend of Afro Congo famously referred to as ‘Lingala’ and Tanzania’s Bongo Flava, what more would we ask for? The two dialects complement each other so damn well!

When it comes to the choreography, we must hail the minds behind it all!





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