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Diamond Platnumz links up with Stanley Enow and Ariel Sheney on ‘My Way Remix’ (Video)

January 17, 2020 at 13:30
Diamond Platnumz; he is back with My Way Remix

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Naseeb Abdul Juma, popularly known as Diamond Platnumz, has been featured by Cameroonian rapper Stanley Enow on the remix of his My Way hit alongside Ariel Sheney and we really love it.

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The remix was released a day ago and it has been getting a lot of love from their fans and it is easy to understand why since the three artists have strong fan bases in their home countries i.e. Tanzania, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

Stanley Enow

Stanley Enow

I have listened to this song a couple of times since it came out and every time it’s like I am hearing it for the first time because it’s so infectious. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating.

As expected, Diamond Platnumz brought his A-game on this jam and I dare that he’s the main reason why the remix slaps so hard.

You know, we’re used to the Baba Lao hitmaker singing in Swahili but in this track he went an extra mile because he has some Lingala or is it French in his verse.

The icing on the cake was the hook that he delivered so well. As you listen to this song, you get to understand why he has such a huge following, even outside Africa and that is because he is versatile.

Stanley Enow did a good job on this track. To an extent, I was also impressed that some of his lyrics were in Lingala and Swahili.

Ariel Sheney

Ariel Sheney

Ariel Sheney also killed it. Other than the Lingala vibe that he gave this song, I also loved his hoarse voice. It  really stands out from that of Diamond and Stanley.

The beat remained pretty much the same and I’ve always loved it. However, I feel they could have modified it a little bit. The video concept was great, one of the things that caught my eyes was of course the styling.

Watch My Way Remix below and tell us what you think.




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