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Diamond Platnumz: “Mtoto wangu wa kwanza ana miaka kama 7!”

August 05, 2019 at 08:40
Diamond Platnumz: “Mtoto wangu wa kwanza ana miaka kama 7!”

Many believe that Diamond Platnumz only has 3 children and another one on the way…but this is not the case.

A few months ago the Tanzanian artist was allegedly said to have fathered twins with His American based baby mama – something that is yet to be confirmed.

Apart from this, another Kenyan lady from Kisumu came out accusing Diamond Platnumz for neglecting their child; a story that did not last long as the lady was ‘silenced.’

Reveals about his 7 year old child

Anyway thanks to an interview Diamond Platnumz did with Mrishompoto the Bongo singer admits to having a fourth baby with a lady from his past.

Although he clearly doesn’t remember his baby mamas name, Diamond Platnumz says that his friends also told him about his child who apparently looks like him.

However after trying to reach out trying to meet his baby, the mother told him that the baby had travelled to Japan; and since then the child’s mother disappeared from his life.

Anyway check out the interview below.






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