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Diamond Platnumz producer, Lizer exposed for beating wife like a burukenge (Photo)

October 12, 2020 at 20:43
Diamond Platnumz producer, Lizer exposed for beating wife like a burukenge (Photo)

;Producer Lizer has shocked many after his new wedded wife went on to share a photo showing how badly she had been beaten by the WCB producer.

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Mrs Lizer IG page

As seen on social media, Mrs Lizer aka Bebe Naj as she refers to herself opened up about their recent fight that has left her looking unrecognizable. Although she did not mention the reason behind their fight; it’s evident to see that her husband hit her quite hard leaving her with red marks.

Through her instagram page Bebe Naj wrote;

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Kupigwa hivi et ndoa no…. wewe Lizer nimekwambia private naona unajitoa akili sasa unataka tulilizane insta. Leta talata plz. Baba yangu mpaka anakufa ajawah nipiga ata konzi kwani we nan unipige kofi niwe hivi… HUNA ADABU @Lizerclassic

Lizers wife

Toxic relationships at WCB?

Well, it is no secret that the WCB boys seem to have a problem with most of the women they date. They are not only known for cheating but also fighting with their women.

Just the other day, actress Wema Sepetu went on to open up revealing how badly she was being beaten by Diamond Platnumz; and she still stayed.

Mr and Mrs Lizer

Singer Shilole also seems to have suffered the same fate as she was recently left looking quite odd; after her young ex hsuband, Uchebe hit her. Well, I guess with Covid around, most relationships continue to end fast due to the many financial issues caused by the pandemic world wide.




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