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Diamond Platnumz sister takes shots at Zari Hassan, calls her a ‘stray dog’

February 08, 2018 at 17:46
Diamond Platnumz sister takes shots at Zari Hassan, calls her a 'stray dog'

There is drama if indeed Diamond Platnumz family no longer gets along with Zari Hassan. After the lady unfollowed both Diamond Platnumz and Mama Dangote on Instagram, Esma the older sister has now gotten involved.

It is said that Esma and Zari split up after Hamisa Mobetto got pregnant for the singer. This raised a lot of questions since Esma and Mobetto had been good friends for long.

Others went on to assume that Esma was the one behind her brother’s affair with the video vixen, but we are still waiting to know the truth.

Anyway, a few hours ago a fan page by the name of Zarithe_Don shared a photo of Zari with Esma and the caption hinted that Zari had been faking her relationship with Esma.

Esma responds to the post

Having been tagged on the post, Esma responded by throwing shade at Zari by calling her a fake woman and went on to compare her with a stray dog. Well, without adding or deducting much read the post below.





  1. BT bifuu ya nini wewe Ezmaa,kaa na bwana yako bwana,au basi roho kaukatie ndugu yako na kamchukue na mzalie kama Zari hapana!!!!!! Wacha kidomo wewe mama,au kamu hapa kenya nikakuoe Mimi huyu bwana kaa nduguyoo!!!

  2. hehe drama all the time

  3. hivi ye yuaingilia ndoa isiyo yake mbona?

  4. Wambiru Mwaura : February 8, 2018 at 9:11 pm

    we are tired of diamond and zari

  5. nonesense

  6. Enough of it, diamond is losing concentration on his career and the fans are being fed with zari stories instead of music

  7. washenzi

  8. Can we just enjoy diamond’s good music and not these women’s bullshiit.

  9. According to my understanding zaris fans are calling Esma fake not the other way round

  10. First of all I don’t gitch that Swahili is conc’ then again its none of ma bizness this is showbiz money n power combined n then given to idiots ….this is what u get!! Nkt

  11. enyewe diamonds sister should realise that it is diamond who is is love with zari ans also that it is diamond who made money not the family and at the pace things are going soon there will be no music and therefore no money. since the brother keeps on siring children. Aleady 250,000 is gone every monthe and at this rate other baby mamaz will come out and go to court. Dada Yake diamond chill. zari sio wako ni wa Diamond. And be very careful usi jute kesho

  12. Karline saidy : February 9, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    We should think before talking


  14. Mawifi hawana adabu na hiyo ni kawaida yao.kaka kapenda kaoa kazaa na mrembo ambaye humtaki.wacheni wanaopendana wapendane mtaongea mengi mchana kutwa asubuhi ikifika wanatoka chumbani wakiwa wawili. Note usiingilie ndoa ya mty hata kama ni nduguyo

  15. no need for separation, apology is the only way forward

  16. Zari should just abandon this family and move on. She has had her fun and its time for her to move on and take care of her children. Enough is enough with all this drama Zari. Zari please come back. We love you. Let your haters win this time. But remeber no one will ever here from them again because they are building fame from you.

  17. Diamond Platnumz eldest sister hints that her brother and Zari Hassan are still together! - Ghafla!Kenya : February 20, 2018 at 9:01 am

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