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Diamond snubs both Hamisa Mobetto and Zari as he speaks of his Valentine’s date. Who will be his date?

February 13, 2018 at 08:35
Diamond snubs both Hamisa Mobetto and Zari as he speaks of his Valentine's date. Who will be his date?

Diamond won’t be going out on a date with either of his baby mamas. The Tanzanian singer spoke of his Valentine’s Day date but he didn’t mention Zari or Hamisa Mobetto.

Valentine’s Day is now only hours away. For those who had forgotten about it, Wednesday February 14th is the day dedicated for love and everything romance.

Diamond is also planning for Valentine’s Day but surprisingly his plan does not include his wife or his baby mama. The Tanzanian singer wants to spend Valentine with other people.

The plan

Diamond reveals that he is not sure who his Valentine’s date will be. Speaking to Tanzanian tabloid Dizzim, the singer explained that he would either go out with his mother or brothers and friend depending on where he will be on February 14th.

Diamond’s mother

“Sasa itategemea itanikuta wapi siku hiyo kama itanikuta kwa mzazi mwenzangu basi atakuwa yeye lakini kama ikinikuta huku basi Valentine wangu watakuwa ndugu zangu na marafiki zangu,” Diamond revealed.








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  2. kule itakupata ndio hivo hehe

  3. hakuna pressure

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  5. That also is very good decision …better no one is more than other thats how fair it is

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