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Diamond’s photographer at the receiving end of Zari’s wrath

September 15, 2017 at 14:04
Diamond's photographer at the receiving end of Zari's wrath

Zari Hassan has transfered her frustrations with her husband to his official photographer whom he fell out with on Thursday September 14th.

The genesis of Zari’s frustrations is Diamond’s inability to keep his boner in pants, the Tanzanian singer is literally driving Zari crazy.

Diamond’s alleged romantic involvement with Hamisa Mobeto has been a bitter pill for Zari to swallow. As if that’s not enough, the ‘Zilipendwa’ hit maker has recently been rumored to have a fling with popular Namibian entertainer.

A week ago rumors ran rife that Diamond had gone on a vacation with 2013 Big Brother Africa winner Dillish Mathews. The two were spotted in Zanzibar while Zari was away with kids.

Diamond’s photographer – Kifesi shared a photo of his boss enjoying sunset in Zanzibar waters on his instagram handle, and Zari was quick to respond to him with ‘f**k you’ emojis.





  1. You should thank the guy for letting u know

  2. Buy why mahn! this life is not easy

  3. Diamond is cheating on zari again, i give up now

  4. Caroline Mutiso : September 15, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    mwanaume mzuri ni ule ako kaburini the rest are dogs

  5. Guess the D is king,she cant leave the guy shed rather share

  6. Hehehe they should make this relationship a reality show but they are too dumb to think that

  7. Poor girl lost in love with a fuck boy

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  9. This bae too fine, abeg! Buh no matter how gorgeous a bae looks, a fuck boy would always be a fuck boy.

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