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Diana Marua and her sister are exactly what church going teenagers need but…

November 26, 2020 at 16:33
Diana Marua and her sister are exactly what church going teenagers need but...

Diana Marua and her sister have been discussing the type of topics teenage girls in the church environment would benefit from participating in. You see, the two ladies are the quintessential Nairobi girls or perhaps I should say they used to be the quintessential party girls. They were the type to be seen at every party.

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And not only that, but they were also the type to chase after sponsors. While Diana Marua managed to navigate that period of her life unscathed (she didn’t have any children born out of wedlock) and though this could be explained away by an abortion or two, we have no proof that’s the case.

You see, Diana Marua’s sister became a teen mother at the tender age of nineteen. Yup, the ripe old age of 19. And as luck would have it, she conceived and gave birth to twins. And as one would expect, Michelle Marua was gutted as she knew this could very well spell disaster for hers and her babies lives.

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There are certain conversations the modern church shies away from having and one of these includes single motherhood. But with these sisters, one can see just how the church could embrace their style of storytelling and they would be able to click with the target audience; teenage girls.

Diana Marua

Diana Marua

When it comes to leading lives a lot of Nairobi girls can identify with, they have done so. When it comes to engaging in a frivolous sexual lifestyle, they have done that too. Infact, Michelle Marua is very familiar with the shame that a girl has to deal with when she becomes pregnant while at university.

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Meanwhile, the church is stuck either burying their heads under the sand or acting so out of sorts trying to seem cool to appeal to young people. They are a rudderless boat bouncing from one mishap to the next, from one misstatement to the next. Meanwhile, they have two ladies they could invite into their anals to help with getting across to the young girls and they are fumbling the ball.

Diana Marua

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And if I were Diana Marua and her sister Michelle Marua, I would capitalize on this. I would approach my church clergy and offer them this idea. The only thing I would do that is the reason for that large but in the title, is that I would actually invite them to give me proper guidance counsellors who can not only oversee the entire conversation I would be having with the young ladies but I would also require them to take a hands-on approach and be proactive about reaching out to these ladies once those conversations are done.

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That way, I would be doing more than just filling the internet and actually making a change in people’s lives.

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