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Diana Marua lectures Bahati after saying he is too young and doesn´t want stress

June 26, 2019 at 11:27
Diana Marua lectures Bahati after saying he is too young and doesn´t want stress

Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua´s pregnancy brings in moods that Bahati cannot keep up with anymore.

Women seem to carry the heavy burden but so do men who have to deal with the pregnancy moods that take longer than expected.

Humility carries the day for a gentleman who desires to hold his baby in his arms by handling his expectant woman with the understanding it deserves.

Gospel star, Bahati is not an exception having generated negative energy from the public with wife, Diana Marua´s second pregnancy.

Up on social media, Bahati is forced to adhere to the mood and feel of wife, Diana Marua before bashing women for their outrageous demands.

Before Diana Marua lectures him about women.

The conversation kicks off:

Babe, one thing I don´t understand about women…

Diana then interjects:

About women?

Why do you need to understand women?

In a bid to explain himself, Bahati adds:

Mnaeka moods and then you blame it on pregnancy.

Unanunuliwa, ooh, kiatu you´re like, ooh, mimi sipendi hii color, ooh you don´t remember my favorite color, was it mine?

What´s up with women?

However, Diana questions it all before lecturing him on the same.

So you want to say that you´re blaming it on pregnancy?

And babe, stop generalizing people and saying women.

Say, Diana.

Bahati then jumps in and says he has had enough of the stress.

Mi sijui wanawake mnatakanga nini.

I´m still young, I don´t want stress.



You should be careful of the things you sit down and orchestrate to act and fool Kenyans about your marriage…wait until such issues start knocking at your door.


yeah too much acting…especially where now the sister is seen to be intrusive n talk to bahati like so casually on the sister’s behalf….does this even happen in real life?

The shoes we saw the dude buy the wife…n then she cries ati ni za dem mwingine ..would he leave evidence like that?


I like the statement “am still young staki stress” I kif u🤣🤣

Mwanamke hata ulale Kesha the whole night and you did not say beforehand. You will be in deep shit..
Unauliza mnaenda wapi and your the one driving
Imagine I cried vile ulikua unaongea na Michele kwa simu😭
me also😂😂😂😂…na saa hii wako pamoja tena eeeey😂💕…nwei love will always win




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