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Diana Marua opens up about her battle with postpartum depression

November 13, 2019 at 10:08
Diana Marua opens up about her battle with postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is no joke and any mother can tell you this for free!

Diana Marua who is married to gospel singer Bahati recently revealed that she also went through a dark phase with depression shortly after her daughter, Heaven was born.

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Bahati and Marua

According to Marua, she jumped into depression despite having a husband and nanny who had been helping her out with the baby. She however made it clear that exhaustion and the none stop cry of her newborn left her in a difficult position that resulted to depression.

“When I got Heaven, that was the worst time of my life. I got post-partum depression. I had a husband and a nanny,”

Diana Marua with hubby and their son

On the video shared on her Instagram page, Diana Marua also went on to add that her husband’s busy schedule also contributed to her depression since he was no where to be seen at the time for moral support.

“The support system is key. My hubby started being busy, he was coming home late and had early mornings. You’ve done everything and the baby is still crying.”

Postpartum depression is real

Anyway in a new post seen by Ghafla, Diana Marua went on to urge women who have battled postpartum depression to speak up and get help – since this is no joke! Through her Instagram Diana Marua wrote;

Let’s talk postpartum depression and challenges we face as mothers when it comes to breastfeeding our babies. It’s funny that people who haven’t gone through this journey don’t understand or seemingly get surprised about how breastfeeding is like reporting to work and it’s exhausting! How is motherhood? What’s your story? How’s your journey so far? Let’s enlighten each other… This is my story and some insights to help other yummy Mummy’s on matters breastfeeding….video link on Bio 👆 Don’t forget to Subscribe 😍♥️




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