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Did Carol Sonnie betray ex boyfriend, Mulamwah?

December 22, 2021 at 11:10
Did Carol Sonnie betray ex boyfriend, Mulamwah?

Mulamwah recently said he is not ready to talk about what led to his breakup with baby mama, Carol Sonnie. In fact, he says his main reason to maintain his silence is because if he did – he would ruin her life and that of the young one. So wait, what does that really mean?

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Well all we know for a fact is that Carol Sonnie May have pulled a stunt that led to Mulamwah walking out on her; but what we don’t understand is what could have gone so wrong between these two when they just welcomed their first baby together.


Clearly it’s obvious that this has something to do with betrayal but again, could have Carol Sonnie cheated after giving birth? Well it’s not possible to be that active especially after pushing out a baby’s head; I mean it takes time to heal, right?

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Mulamwah openly dodges blame

But having seen how fast Mulamwah moved on after Sonnie announced their breakup on social media; we can’t really say that both of them were not involved with other parties on the side. So let’s call them backup plans.

Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

However what Mulamwah wanted the public to know is that his baby mama is the reason he packed his belongings and left; but again – what could she have done to make him refer to baby Keilah as the young one? Alaaar!


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