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Did Diamond Platnumz Cheat On Zari Because Of Her Body Size?

January 27, 2021 at 11:21
Did Diamond Platnumz Cheat On Zari Because Of Her Body Size?

Diamond’s good friend Lokole has once again spilled the beans on socialite Zari and Diamond’s relationship.

This happens days after Tanasha Donna’s visit to Diamond with their son Naseeb Jr. The Kenyan singer also happened to share the performance stage with Diamond during her visit.

Lokole is rumoured to have joined the Dangote family by being a friend of Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz. He enjoys working closely with Diamond.

The controversial voice in the Tanzanian entertainment scene revealed on Wasafi Radio that Zari is actually fatter in person than she looks in her photos.

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”Zari unayemuona kwa mitandao ya kijamii, haswa si mnene. Lakini Zari unayemuona kwa macho ni mnene.”

He also adds that Zari getting fatter might have contributed to Diamond cheating.

”Unajua mwanamke ushamzoea ana English figure, halafu sasa akawa mnene, unajua hata appetite hupotea.”

It is important to note that during Tanasha’s visit, it is rumoured that she slept on Diamond’s bed.

Zari, however, seems not to believe so and claps back at anyone who dares to insist that the two shared a bedroom.

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On an Instagram post, the Ugandan socialite replied to a fan who said that Diamond is back with Tanasha.

”Our boss lady, he is back with the Kenyan girl again.”

Zari’s savage reply termed Lokole as a housegirl  who is just looking for his meal.

”Leave that housegirl alone… Njaa mbaya, asipo lamba tako la boss, atakula wapi?

Zari’s comment has since disappeared, she probably might have deleted it. She’s probably in deep thought after Tanasha’s visit to Diamond. Let’s see how all this will unfold.




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