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Did Otile Brown cheat on his Ethiopian ex girlfriend?

September 10, 2019 at 11:59
Did Otile Brown cheat on his Ethiopian ex girlfriend?

It is official that Otile Brown and his girlfriend Nabbi are no longer an item. This comes a few weeks after the lady went on to share a photo of a black rose on her Instagram page hinting she had broken up with the Kenyan singer.

For weeks now the two have not been spotted together meaning that this was their final break up.

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Just like any normal couple, the two had already started having issues just three months after they had started dating.

However, unlike the first break up…this time around the two seem not to have any plans of getting back together and Nabbi might have just revealed why.

Did Otile cheat?

Thanks to a question and answer session on Nabbi’s Instagram page, the lady reveals what she would do if she got cheated on. She wrote saying;


Well, isn’t this the same strategy she used on Otile Brown?




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