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Dillish Mathews seen dancing to Diamond’s new song after wrecking Zari’s marriage (Video)

September 15, 2017 at 17:02
Dillish Mathews seen dancing to Diamond's new song after wrecking Zari's marriage (Video)

Initially it was Hamisa Mobeto who was giving Zari sleepless night. But right now Dillish Mathews is the demon that needs to be cast out of Zari’s marriage.

Diamond is rumored to have shagged 2013 Big Brother Africa winner Dillish Mathews during his recent vacation in Zanzibar island.

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The two, Diamond and Dillish, were spotted together in Zanzibar having a nice time while Zari was away in South Africa with the kids.

News about Diamond and Dillish’s alleged sexapade in Zanzibar hit Zari’s marriage like Hurricane Harvey. The way Zari is reacting just shows she’s already had enough of her hubby’s dramas.

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Well, Dillish seems not to be aware of what’s happening between Diamond and Zari. The Namibian entertainer has been seen enjoying Diamond and Patoranking new hit ‘Love you Die’ oblivious of the mess she caused.






  1. it’s the fame bitches want and the money that might come along with it

  2. Another Diamond VICTIM,they never learn

  3. Hakuna mwanamke alietembea na Diamond hajaona side B yake

  4. Diamond is having a time of his life

  5. I wish i was him and ladies throwing themsleves at me

  6. BASICALLY all instagram models are hoes

  7. Diamond is out to eat some pussies. Guys like that don’t lick the same kind of lollipop flavor. I just feel sorry for Zari and the Kids.

  8. As they are busy fighting for Dicks to swim in there Virginas… Zarinah Ttale is very busy rising her bank account and minding her own business…Big up Zee!

  9. You think that is good with what he is doing? Forgod sake why did he marry her if he can’t stick with her? Diamond please change n focus on your marriage together with your family

  10. Be careful diamond !!!there is HIV?Ur dreams might be shuttered with such behaviour

  11. Swaleh mohammed : September 17, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Acheni umbea /kuvuruga ndoa za watu!! Muacheni Diamond afanye kazi yake.Yeye ni msanii ,so akifanya kazi na mwanamke tu basi anamtongoza.Focus on your life Diamond! Usiwajali…Be wise Zari,Usiwajali wambea…Wana wivu hao…!!

  12. Swaleh mohammed : September 17, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Mark my words Diamond….am 1 of your biggest fans.De JEALOUSY DEM FLOP,AIM HIGHER….I love your music Simba…aim to the sun and you gonna b 1 of the shinning star…keep it up …Concentrate on your marriage Zari…

  13. kawaida msanii axake coments on social medio sio mlalmikee

  14. Hamisa Mobeto's shenanigans at her son's 40 days party could give Zari a heart attack (Video) - Ghafla!Kenya : September 18, 2017 at 8:34 am

    […] Also read: Dillish Mathews seen dancing to Diamond’s new song after wrecking Zari’s marriage […]

  15. This is another artist who in 10 years to come would be broke and irrelevant

  16. Haaah maajabu tu

  17. Fan the fame and feel the heat.diamond is an overgrown baby to suck a tit.l wonder who next…coz he seems to have lost taste -dig diggy!!

  18. No problem with Diamond he can go ahead and marry as many women as he can because he has the resources to finance even ten marriages. Go ahead my brother. We will be by your side.

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