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DJ Joe Mflame explains how he handles female fans 

July 26, 2019 at 11:05
DJ Joe Mflame explains how he handles female fans 

DJ Joe Mfalme has opened up on how he handles female attention.

Being one of the best DJs in Kenya, Mflame really gets some massive attention from Kenyans ladies but he has never been in any scandal.


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Speaking to Bety Kyalo, Mfalme said that he treats ladies with the same respect they have for themselves.

Kitu moja nimekuja kurealize ,ukijibebea na respect watu watakuapproach na respect. Mimi sijawai pata hiyo raunchiness approached kwangu. Hata kama ni dame anakuwanga crazy or something when she comes to say hi to me anakujanga na upole sababu anajua niko job. Nikicheza kwa meza yangu hautaona any beer or alcohol, it’s either a red bull or water and I am playing. I am not chekaing niko job,” he revealed on K24.




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