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DJ Mo defends himself with new evidence proving he refunded the Ksh 20,000 bribe Nexxie gave him!

February 13, 2018 at 10:16
DJ Mo defends himself with new evidence proving he refunded the Ksh 20,000 bribe Nexxie gave him!

Yesterday 12th February a gospel artist by the name of Nexxie shared a screenshot showing the amount of money he sent DJ Mo in order for his music to get sufficient air play!

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This left many taking shots at DJ Mo who had earlier denied receiving the money. With a screenshot to support Nexxie’s accusations, this definitely made the DJ look bad.

DJ Mo responds with new evidence

However, seems that DJ Mo came across the Mpesa screenshot shared by Nexxie forcing him to speak. In a lengthy post shared on his Instagram the gospel DJ has unveiled new evidence proving that the money sent to his Mpesa by Nexxie was refunded back to his manager.

According to DJ Mo, Nexxie is in the music business for the wrong reasons. After talking to the singer, Mo says he released that he was just focused on getting fame and money therefore had to distance himself from him after giving him a word of advice.

In a detailed post and screenshots DJ Mo had this to say.

Swipe ?Nexxie, you’ve been looking for fame through me…hope this shines you the glory you’ve so desperately yearned for. My fans need to know wasup… Morning watu wangu , I don’t like doing this but allow me to put this one clear. Fame is a bad master and for it..fame, most artists will do anything. I meet so many people who believe I can help in their musical journey. Also because of my company, system Unit, I honor most meeting because I am always on the look out for the next big star. Hoping this was one, last year this upcoming artist comes with his manager telling me how famous he want to be , we talked and I advised him the way that’s a wrong move – he goes home and all of a sudden I see 20k pap on my phone – I sent the cash back to his manager –Joyce Kinyanjui. (screenshot last year Sept) just to be professional.We forgot that story and I started advising him how he in this industry for the wrong reasons – how I have never taken a bribe and so I can’t take his (screenshots) I still keep quiet – all of a sudden he comes back and puts a screenshot of the Mpesa he sent me – not showing the one the money was refunded – hehe he accepts money was reversed to his manager Joyce – Once again, I don't ask artistes for money to play their music. I and other leading DJs know what ills the Gospel industry and one of them is back handedness where artist will do anything to get airplay whether the music is bad quality or has no message of hope, salvation, Joy and Love as expected by the standards of the faith we stand for. To avoid such traps where I am independent, I do not take money for artists. Period. If money is sent to me so as to push a song on any of my platforms, I refund it. The screenshots above are evidence of that. I recently did a post on this. The guy who purports that I asked to be paid to play his music is clearly on a witch hunt. As y'all can see, he wants to make a name for himself using the wrong channels. Fame, money and status is what he's looking for. He also wants to join System Unit family (see screenshots). Surely, when will the selfishness and hate stop? I'm not into causing scenes. One thing I'll assure you all is that I'm done playing nice.

A post shared by Dj Mo Topadetop ? (@djmokenya) on

So who is tellinv the truth?






  1. discipline comes first before achievements

  2. well said

  3. the devil has failed

  4. I love this, the truth is now out

  5. good job dj mo

  6. you have overcome the temptations from the devil

  7. God above everything

  8. Mo you know sometimes if you try to replay to somethings people will tend to think that u real did them en now you are trying to clean yourself…so please just give the the best answer# silence

  9. Really in bad taste,if the guy can proudly reveal that he gave a bribe/inducement for airplay then his motivation & choice of genre is completely wrong! Shame on him for setting such a bad example to the youth.D.j Mo salute! may God be given the glory!

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