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Dj Seven and Ibranation drop “Solo” another love sensation from Tanzania

March 26, 2020 at 12:50
Dj Seven and Ibranation drop "Solo" another love sensation from Tanzania

Earlier today Ibranation, the Tanzanian artist released a new audio song “Solo.” “Solo” which is now up on you tube is a collaboration between Ibranation and DJ Seven.

Dj Seven seems to be creating a personal musical niche in the East African market. Well, this might just work for him.

This comes after a recent release of “Kilio” song with fellow Tanzanian Ruby.

The confusion comes in when Ibranation sings the entire song without listeners hearing any other different voice apart from those doing the background vocals.

The very promising artist has been in the music industry for slightly over 2 years now. Among his songs are Nilipize, Nieleze, Unitoke, Kubali and Tabibu. He also has a number of collabos and an endless string of cover songs up on you tube. His hard work is clearly evident, and his fans show contentment and support to his work.


The song is a typical bongo flava featuring a man in love and a looming heart break. Quite predictable I must say. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that this is a man crying for love. It doesn’t come easy.

Jua ni wewe umenipa mawazo

Nakuwaza wewe 24 hours

Mbona nilichokosea nilisha kuomba msamaha

Ila unapoteza na kunitonesha donda

Well, maybe the song is meant for Ibranation’s lover. Has he been dating?

Dating or not it seems like it just hit a rock and the relationship is taking a turn since Ibranation’s sins have not been forgiven.

Siwezi kubaki solo,

Siwezikubaki single

As the chorus suggests, Ibranation fears being single. But he is not the only one. He speaks for a good number of people out there who enjoy having someone besides them.

As we await this song’s video fans are hoping that it will tap more into their emotions and give the song some additional flavour. The audio does very little on tapping into emotions.

Maybe from the video we will also get to understand why it is DJ Seven ft Ibranation. And just like that we are falling in love again thanks to this beautiful jam.

Rating 6/10





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