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DK Kwenye Beat and wife welcome bouncing baby girl (Photos)

January 08, 2021 at 11:57
DK Kwenye Beat and wife welcome bouncing baby girl (Photos)

DK Kwenye Beat and wife have been blessed with a bouncing baby girl as seen on the guys Instagram page; where he went on to share the good new earlier this morning.

Being the latest dad in town, DK Kwenye Beat could not hold back his joy as she went on to shower his wife with praises for enabling him to earn the title of ‘dad.’ Through his IG page DK went on to post saying;

DK and Wife expecting their first child together

When they say good things are for free,I say thank you God.We have travelled a long journey of so many matters but now we are grateful for this bundle of joy that we have been blessed with. My heart felt gratitude to my Love @shanicewangechi for adding a reason of joyous moments in 2021 by giving us baby Kayley is truly a blessing to be your father and your mums chosen one.

Smooth delivery

Being their first child, Mr Kilonzo says that his wife did not have any complications thanks to their good doctors. He went on to thank their medical team saying;

DK Kwenye beat and wife welcome bouncing baby girl

We shall forever remain grateful to the @rfh_healthcare team for their professionalism availability and their cordiality which made the delivery of this gift so easy simple and comfortable to mama _Kayley Leilani Kilonzo_ To

Parents and fans

Of course their biggest supporters have been their parents and now that they have a child of their own; DK Kwenye Beat poured out his heart to his parents thanking them for standing with both him and wife throughout the pregnancy. He went on to say;

DK Kwenye Beat with wifey and new born daughter

our parents,what a great honour it is to be supported and know that you have had our backs from day one,blessings upon you in spades,we celebrate you now and forever.

And as for the fans who continue to show their support through DK’s music; he went on to show them some appreciation by concluding his lengthy post by saying;

We also appreciate all your well wishes and congratulatory remarks as we now get ready to raise a champion an ambassador to the world and agent of change and Joy.Mungu mbele and may you all be immensely blessed 🙌 🙏. God’s speed to all as we get ready for parenting manenos 😄 🤣




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