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Don’t come back! How fans literally fired Willis Raburu from his own night show

September 26, 2019 at 11:06
Don't come back! How fans literally fired Willis Raburu from his own night show

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Citizen TV’s “10 0ver 10” is one exclusive show that is mainly hosted by Willis Raburu during the night hour but fans have rejected him.

This is after the last show where he was absent, with the popular night nurse, Tallia Oyando and Patrick Igunzah taking over.

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So just like the norm, every Saturday after the 9 PM news, fans had already made an audience. Eagerly waiting for the guest of the night only for it to be double-tragedy.

First, yes, there would be a new guest but so were the show hosts of the night.

A mainly youth-dominated show, that has received backlash time and again for allegedly diminishing ‘morals’ of the young generation, still has it’s flames burning hot.

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Hiyo design #10over10

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With masks on their face, the two show hosts were set for the moment of revelation, with a warm welcome hitting at their doorsteps.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t to the advantage of the guy missing in action, Willis Raburu.

Fans blatantly declare he ought to stick to news and leave this game for those who know how to play it best.

Fans are now calling for change after Tallia and her co-host, Patrick nailed it like they were experts at it.

According to them, Raburu should just concentrate on news anchoring purely.

Mixed reactions

Hao ndo wanafai hiyo kazi cio Raburu ye atangangaze news


Let @WillisRaburu go for New please .. 😂 😂 😂 #10over10 with @patrickigunzah Iko more fires 🔥 🔥..


#10over10 is better without Willis Raburu!!! Asirudi tena haha. MC Fullstop take over, pon da replay


@WillisRaburu, the show is lit in your absence! Ukirudi kasonge hivi.


Igunza and Talia 🙌🙌🙌🙌#10over10


#10over10 seeing some new energy….is a new dawn for this great show


Igunza is on fire man. Best #10over10 ever


Show imeshika ,watching from Lucky summer #10over10@patrickigunzah @talliaoyando@WillisRaburu


Wills Raburu don’t come back! Kama lazima uback, then back kwa news si 10 over 10

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  1. Team dry spell sacco : September 26, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    Show iko real,ilike 10over10,from Mombasa Bamburi, actually Willis tuko na song called Apondi,,is on YouTube check Team Dspell-apondi,,and I wish you invite us

  2. show without Willis sio show infact he was the best ,Truely Raburu knows how to engage people.

  3. we want Willis raburu back a very straight forward man who knew what he was doing in fact after him going missing signal ya citizen haishiki vizuri this just shows how much love we had for willy we want him back on staje

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