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Don’t confuse! It’s reggae’s DJ Moh who has been arrested not Size 8’s DJ Mo

August 16, 2019 at 07:59
Don't confuse! It's reggae's DJ Moh who has been arrested not Size 8's DJ Mo

Reggae DJ Moh Spice, real names Nicholas Mugo Mwangi, is currently in police custody for public display of a firearm.

Moh was arrested yesterday at Space lounge Ngong road by the DCI’s Special Crimes Prevention unit after a public outcry when photos were posted online showing him with the pistol tucked during an event at K1 Clubhouse.

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According to reports, the popular DJ was arrested with a pistol and 174 rounds of ammunition at Space Lounge Club where he was playing.

Some Kenyans however, have been confusing the DJ with gospel DJ Mo. The two DJs have almost the same name and some people who heard the reports on radio were left thinking it’s DJ Mo, whose real name is Samuel Muraya.




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