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DON’T DELAY MARRIAGE – Zari cautions young ladies who think it is too early for marriage

October 02, 2019 at 08:48
DON'T DELAY MARRIAGE - Zari cautions young ladies who think it is too early for marriage

The Boss Lady, Zari Hassan is old enough to know what is good and what is not, for young ladies who desire to settle later in life.

The now mother of 5 penned down words of advice to young ladies who allow young ‘boys’ to fallible with their hearts and time only not to marry them later on.

According to her, girls aged 18-24 do attract serious men who are fully ready to marry them but this is the age most of these girls decline marriage proposals.

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Unfortunately, they will dilly-dally with the ‘boys’ in a series of sex relationships because this is the age they attract the opposite sex most. Therefore, ignore real men who want to marry them.


Time moves on and they hit the 25-27 age bracket where parents start pushing for a suitor without knowing that “there is nothing left inside of their daughters”.

They then hit 27 and above and their interest shifts, from ‘boys’ to have sexual relationships with, to real men for marriage.

It gets to a point these now very grown ladies force themselves to marry a man who has no interest in them.

Zari’s point here to young ladies who might not know what awaits them, is that no man aged 27-30 wants to marry a lady well over 30 years of age.

Sadly, at age 30-35, ladies are suddenly in a rush to get into marriage, they start praying over it, dressing modestly and trying their best into convincing any man to marry them.

The married lass lastly poses: If at one point, you were too young for marriage, what makes you think you are suddenly not too old for marriage at age 30?


Girls at the age of 18-24 years always attract serious men who are fully ready to marry them, but at this age most of our girls/sisters never wish to hear anything about marriage.

1. I’m too young for that
2. Who cares about marriage
3. I’m focused on my books
4. I want to gather some money first
5. Marriage is full of problems
6. You’re too old for me. (A guy of 30)
These are some of few statements ladies talk of at their youth age.

But these girls will be having serious & series of sex relationship with small boys of their age, because at that age, they always have high rate of boys, guys and men coming for them, but they will prefer to choose those boys rather than the real men who want to marry them. They are still young to marry right, but they are not young to have sex with boys.

No problem, God is watching you
At age of 25-27, parents will start asking them the following questions;
1. How far?
2. Don’t you have any one yet?
3. Are you not planning to get married?
4. Are you seeing that all your mates are getting married?
5. Don’t you know you are getting old?
But mind you, parents only see the outside of their daughters, not knowing there is nothing left inside.

At age 27-30 they now start looking for men to marry not boys to have sex and play with again.
You will see them forcing themselves to marry a man who don’t want to marry them. Please we beg you, leave us alone.
No single man at age 27-30 will like to marry a lady of 30-35. Now you hear the sisters say age does not matter.

My sister, it matters a lot.
Remember you rejected men because you think you were too young. What makes you think your old age does not matter to us?
At age 30-35 they will start praying like never before, moving from one church to another. If she’s a Muslim, she will start praying night prayers, fasting and dressing modestly.
If you ask her for dating, she would burst out to say
1. My brother, I’m not like them.
2. Am looking for a serious man, a husban


Mama Tiffah’s post ignited mixed reactions on her Facebook page as some lauded her while other’s believed everyone had their time.

Yes ,u can have many suitors but trust me not every one u dated wanted to marry u,that is all God’s plan on when u will get a soul mate, u might date for years but none of those guys want u as a wife, then meet some one for a month and his mind is all about marrying u,so we got no control over certain things, destiny is part of every ones life and its always irresistible.


You are very true that is what is spoiling most of our Ugandan Ladies


Hey gorgeous your thinking is so different from other people, you are a real queen you words are priceless awesome and you Also


I have seen a few couples whose love relationship started from highschool, university… I admire such relationships


You were right to get married at your youngest stage, enjoy your life and keep advising your fellows


Role models of nowadays eish!?????!!!some lives are not worthy it nomatter the attention one craves for.pray and live ur life well just dnt forget ur values or you will end up broken hearted and skinny but if u are rich u can blame it on ‘body goals’.


Mama Tee spare us please, you forget that you were also married to a boy younger than you???Chibude 😋😋 😂😂 it’s because men are not looking for age, they want mature partner with qualities of a wife 👌👌👌


If you understand Boss lady take her words if you dont then it’s up to thank you Boss lady


DON'T DELAY MARRIAGE.Girls at the age of 18-24 years always attract serious men who are fully ready to marry them,…

Posted by Zari the bosslady on 2019 m. rugsėjo 29 d., sekmadienis





  1. Good advice,but you didn’t follow advice,the only thing you left out is a woman should remain a virgin till marriage,no mileage and definitely no single moms.A man should only take care he has sired,even nature shows us this,lions don’t take care of bastards

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