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Don’t forget us when you’re up there bro – Tanasha’s humble plea to DJ Romy Jones

September 17, 2019 at 09:15
Don’t forget us when you’re up there bro - Tanasha's humble plea to DJ Romy Jones

Diamond’s Kenyan lover, Tanasha Donna seems to be jelling pretty well with her Tanzanian soon-to-be in-laws.

The radio personality walked into a dynasty whose past keeps haunting its present and she has proved tough and bold to face whatever comes her way.

What I like about her is how she keeps her cool no matter how explosive her inner might be, she keeps off and moves on.

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~ Donnatella ~

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The songbird has come out loud on her support to Diamond’s cousin’s field of art, which she believes is his to conquer and there is no two ways about it.

On Monday, Tanasha noted that the Wasafi DJ Romy Jones is a potential winner to key global awards and one who deserves to win the coveted Oscar awards.

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Sharing a short clip of the DJ who also serves as an Bongo actor, Tanasha lauds:

Mans like @romyjonsout here tryna get those Oscars, don’t forget us when you’re up there bro. 🤔🎥 Make sure you watch this trailer of his upcoming movie “ THE DARK SIDE” and your life will be brighter once you do. 😅🤔👌🏽

A grateful and honored Romy Jones soon after comments on the post sweetly expressing:

Wooooow!!!!!Thank you so much TANASHA LION….I’ll never forget you I PROMISE 😂

That’s so adorable to hear coming from the two. We wish them both well.

Being East Africa’s Simba’s official DJ, Romy Jones has scooped several awards in the music industry.

He is also among the shortlisted DJs in the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2019 and the only DJ from East Africa listed, for that matter.

Diamond’s cousin is additionally one of the most celebrated actors of Bongo movies.




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