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“I don’t regret living a life of crime!” Octopizzo opens up about his life as a thief!

February 14, 2018 at 15:47
"I don't regret living a life of crime!" Octopizzo opens up about his life as a thief!

Before the fame and money, Octopizzo struggled to make ends meet. His mum and dad passed on when he was still an underage and for this reason he had to hustle for himself.

Without anyone to guide him, Octopizzo became a thief and his main targets were shops and people. He however Satan that he did not kill anyone and unlike many who are ashamed of admitting their past lives; the Kibera rapper has no regrets.

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I never regret being part of that, I never killed anybody.

He owes his career to his hard life

Speaking to Al-Jazeera, Octopizzo says he is grateful to have lived the hard life and he owes his career to it. If not for the slum life, Octopizzo would never be the person he is today.

“I feel like if I wasn’t born here I would probably not be a rapper, I would be something else.

His life is now a living testimony to many who feel that life is too harsh on them. He concluded saying;

I want to be the face of possibility because when you grow here you are told that you will never be anything. You are told this by your teacher in school, you are probably told this by your dad at home and most of the time it starts hitting you and you realize, ‘oh I will never be anything anyway.





  1. life in slums is really tough

  2. people come from far

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