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Double the blessing, double the love! Terryanne Chebet’s special message to her baby girls

October 30, 2017 at 12:08
TerryAnne Chebet

Mother of two Terryanne Chebet is happy to have been blessed with a new member of her family and a few days after welcoming her second born, the lady is already excited to raise powerful women who will one day become leaders!

Terryanne Chebet shared a special message through her instagram page where she happened to reveal that she was blessed with yet another baby girl who she named Talaa. Though she likes to keep her private life on the low, the new baby has definitely changed all this as she now wants to share details of her life with fans.

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Through her instagram page, the former news anchor wrote saying:

How lucky can I possibly be? Double the fun, double the blessing, double the love! To Imani and our latest one, Talaa, thank you for making me the happiest mummy in the entire universe, may your years be spent shattering glass ceilings! I’m excited to take on this new calling! #Raisingqueens #yummymummy

Terryanne Chebet

Terryanne Chebet’s post

We are however yet to see the little girl’s face but as for now we are happy for Terryanne and her man as they begin to raise another child together!





  1. Congrats dear

  2. This is so lovely

  3. This is indeed blessings upon blessings

  4. What a moment,all the best hun

  5. God is good,waoh! lovely

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