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Drama! Gospel artiste Nexxie provides evidence showing he paid DJ Mo Ksh 20,000 for his song to get sufficient air play

February 12, 2018 at 16:56
Drama! Gospel artiste Nexxie provides evidence showing he paid DJ Mo Ksh 20,000 for his song to get sufficient air play

Gospel singer Nexxie a few weeks ago revealed that he had paid Ksh 20,000 for his song featuring DK Kwenye Beat to be played by DJ Mo.

This story brought too much conflict between Nexxie and DJ Mo who later came out to say that he would not take bribe work petty cash, Ksh 20,000. According to DJ Mo he had no information about the money Nexxie was claiming to have paid.

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In an interview with SDE, DJ Mo went on to say that he drives a Range Rover and having him get dragged into the story was humiliating.

Nexxie responds with evidence

However the singer has come forth to reveal evidence showing that he indeed sent the Ksh 20,000. From the Mpesa statement, it proves that Nexxie sent the money to Samuel Kanyingi; the same name DJ Mo uses on Mpesa.


Well, now that the evidence is out in the open, what will the DJ say? Lets wait and see.





  1. Dj sadic is the only DJ who can give u airplay without compromise this DJ mph piece of shit he’s a man whore I wonder how he lives with that size 8 wife of his and the way he has fucked every girl in Nairobi its sad hiding himself in the gospel industry

    • Rosetta kimani : February 13, 2018 at 8:40 am

      Waaah,you have said he has fucked every gal in the city,and he pretends to be houlier than thou.Shame on him if he indeed received the money.Arudishe

  2. A person who receives bribes frequently knows how to cover his tracks so don’t waste time keeping evidence
    They can only be compared to rapists
    Victims fear being published as this is a sign of failure

  3. It’s true….sending 20k to a registered Mpesa number is 100bob.One need a to own up and it’s over…kama umekuwa ukiitisha doo….40days are here…

  4. Nalianya Vinaywa : February 12, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    So what if Dj more drives a range Rover? Je aki drive aeroplane,, ni nini hatuta ambiwa… Humble yourself Mr. DJ,, the same God who gave you the range can take it away from you… FYI, 20 k is alot of money to some of us… Your wife has a history of humble beginning,, I think she should be guiding you on some of these things

  5. It’s true…sending 20k to a registered Mpesa number is 100bob…siku arobaini (40days) have just arrived.DJ Mo….own up and we call it a day.Bribery is part of our Culture.Not news and you aren’t the first one…kubali yaishe

  6. this musician has no u knew ua music is crap u hav to giv money for airplay..again people giv even 100k n more n they hav better music..u expect to b assisted for nothing ama dj moh is red cross…tutigithie waaaaana…

  7. Vicoline omari : February 13, 2018 at 7:53 am

    “I drive a range rover, what is 20k? “Mr dj 20k is gas for that range rover n service, so you see what’s 20k.

  8. He has to act like areal man na akubali and hes a gospel artist nawaao there is averse that says a rich man kuingia heaven ni difficult kama ngamia kunigia kwenye shimo ya sindano he should man up

  9. If truly DJ MO received that cash sincerely he should return immediately. God is Watching

  10. DJ Mo defends himself with new evidence proving he refunded the Ksh 20,000 bribe Nexxie gave him! - Ghafla!Kenya : February 13, 2018 at 10:16 am

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  11. That guy might have been bribed to spoil dj mo, s name. Kw mfani niko na namba ya mo alafu nimtumie pesa na hajui then I come up with such issuer. How sire will one be that we had or did not have a deal to pay. Kitu ingne dj mo si mjinga ata kama ni bribe achukulie kwa mpesa …c snajua atamulikwa

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