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Drama! “Wewe na hiyo mwili yako mzuri si uliachwa na mimba” Mishi Dora goes ham on Dj Pierra

January 23, 2018 at 13:43
Drama! "Wewe na hiyo mwili yako mzuri si uliachwa na mimba" Mishi Dora goes ham on Dj Pierra

There is some drama brewing! It’s not for Nairobi Diaries but this one seems personal beef between Mishi Dora and Pierra Makena.

Well just a few minutes ago the actress shared a post calling Pierra Makena all sorts of names on Instagram. Apparently this is after Pierra Makena trash talked Mishi Dorah saying that she has a bad body.

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The stories seem to have reached Mishi who decided to go ham on the TV personally. According to Mishi, Pierra has no right to body shame her in anyway. Mishi says to have given birth to 3 children and still maintain her figure is something very few women can do. She then challenges Pierra Makena to try giving birth to 3 kids before body shaming Mishi on National Television.

Mishi goes after Pierra Makena

Mishi Dorah reveals her source of information

According to Mishi, Pierra Makena is said to have fat shamed her in a whatsApp group conversation where they were discussing her.

For this reason the lady is now ready to face Pierra Makena and things might just get out of hand.

Will Pierra respond? Let’s wait and see!





  1. Cheap drama girls,they should let it go

  2. This will boil out of control

  3. Its sad for the girl child in 2018

  4. Whatsapp groups are full of snitches

  5. This is crazy now

  6. Devil fueling them

  7. Hahaha My Fellow Friends Don’t Bring About What We Call Jokes To This Earth U Will Your Self In A Long Xide

  8. Ati 26 hahahaha….socialites hawazeekangi…

  9. Can’t believe the Communications Authority of Kenya can condole such vulgarity in the social media and TV shows.

  10. Mishi knows that Nairobi diaries is ending soon due to lack of story lines. She will try to use anyone to stay relevant.

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