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Drunk in love: New leaked footage of Anerlisa Muigai with her boyfriend who allegedly ditched his wife for her

November 23, 2017 at 14:43

Word has it that Anerlisa Muigai is in love with a new man, a few months after breaking up with her fiance. The Keroche breweries heiress hinted this after sharing a few photos of the fella on her gram.

She however opted to hide his face since this time around she wanted her relationship on the low. However, turns out that there is someone who knows her new man.

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Anerlisa responds to snatching someone’s husband

In one of Anerlisa’s photos, a lady by the name of Joy Njokie left many dumbfounded after claiming Anerlisa had stolen ‘Don’ from her. The lady went on to say that Don had abandoned her together with their child. However, Anerlisa could hear none of this as she responded by asking the lady to produce the marriage certificates to prove the two were man and wife.

The scandal left many blogs talking and social media users did not want to miss out too. Anerlisa Muigai faced a few harsh comments from fellow women who could not believe she was a husband snatcher. Others however seemed to be on Anerlisa’s side as they went on to tell the lady to produce the certificates proving that Don was her legal husband.

Intoxicated Anerlisa with her man

Well, it now seems that the online war is not over. Apparently an unknown source recently leaked a video of an intoxicated Anerlisa and her new man singing along to Bryan Adams’s I DO IT FOR YOU. Watch the video below and see how drunk in love Anerlisa Muigai is!





  1. she looks happy

  2. Let a girl enjoy life

  3. They are both adults

  4. As long as they are happy everything else doesnt matter

  5. Okay,enjoy girl while it lasts

  6. huyu tortoise ako na matako wazimu,let kijana aogelee

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