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Dudu baya banned from releasing new music by BASATA

January 10, 2020 at 10:56
Dudu baya banned from releasing new music by BASATA

Tanzanian singer Dudu Baya will no longer be releasing any new music as instructed by Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA; Swahili for National Arts Council.)

In a report seen by Ghafla, BASATA had asked Dudu Baya to visit their offices hoping to look into a vulgar video he shared on social media this past Sunday that left some of his fans feeling quite angry.

Apparently Dudu Baya’s biggest mistake was going against some of the online rules issued in Tanzania like using vulgar words and threats on social media – something that has now left him jobless.

Dudu Baya

Dudu Baya responds

Anyway despite being banned, seems like Dudu Baya will not be tied down by BASATA as seen on his Instagram.

He continues to rebel against the National arts council and if I am not wrong – this might be his ticket to retirement!





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