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Dully sykes brings on board Kondeboy for Nikomeshe

June 11, 2019 at 14:27
Dully sykes brings on board Kondeboy for Nikomeshe

Dully Sykes has teamed up with KondeBoy (Harmonize) for his new jam Nikomeshe. What a collaboration! This is a jam that one should not miss. Nikomeshe comes in two weeks  after the Wasafi signed artist  released his new single ‘Never Give up’. I would say that this is a good thing.  Dully Sykes has also been featured in Machete by Nuh Mziwanda just a few days before his new jam with Harmonize.

Dully has been silent for a while now and he is coming back with more collabos.

Nikomeshe is more of a love song. It talks of the things that couple does and it also praises the girl for he extensive knowledge in feeding the man. Here we are not talking about food literally but am sure you can tell which food they are talking about.


Can’t wait for the video. The audio has been produced by Mix Master Grazy. It is a great thing. One needs to just listen to the voices. You know that it is not the duos first to do a collaboration. Inde was a great deal for the two and now this.  In addition, it is the best thing he has given his fans by working with Harmonize.

Presentation of Nikomeshe

The energy with this two is on point. Have you even listened to the Introduction? This is the kind of energy fans are looking for. Their voices are enough to say it well. Harmonize and Sykes perform their lines perfectly. Just listen to how they pick from each other.

Basi go down, kwa nyuma Fanya kama mbuzi amegoma Slow down kwenye kona, ii Mwisho wa reli kigoma ; On this one stanza you’ll agree with me that the choice of words is crazy. How does a goat on strike behave?

Nasema sikuwatch, beiby nakukunda Unavyo ilamba mie hoi  Unajuwanga kuni touch Nani kakufunda, hiyo misamba sikohoi; Seems like this girl is gonna have it rough. Could they be talking about sex? Be the judge.

Click on the link below to listen to the song.




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