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Dully Sykes featured in Nuh Mziwanda’s ‘Machete’

June 13, 2019 at 14:46
Dully Sykes featured in Nuh Mziwanda's 'Machete'

Dully Sykes featured in Nuh Mziwanda new jam ‘Machete’. It seems like this is his month. The duo has done so well in this new jam. Machete Nuh Mziwanda is a Tanzanian singer and a songwriter.

Nuh Mziwanda artist

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The collaboration of the Tanznaian duo is one watch. Dully syke has also featured Harmonize in his new jam Nikomeshe which he released a day after Machete Collabo.

Dully Sykes; Artist

Machete is all about love. He talks about how this girl attracts him. In all that she does he falls in love with it even if he is always busy. The way the lady shakes her waist is one thing that he admires in her and is just attracted to her.

Production of machete

Machete is  a Last Born Records work. It has been directed by Vipper and produced by Mziwanda himself. The video is of high standards. Oh! Did I say there is enough art work and graphics in this video? It was shot in Tanzania. Also, the audio is great, the beats do not disappoint.


There is great chemistry in this duo. Their voices compliment each others. The way they have presented this song is something that I admire. In this case, they have given the jam their best and need I say that there is good energy here. The way the lines are performed, you will not miss the perfection in it.  There is no delay when one is singing their verse.

Wananiita daddy yo, Kwa madem ndio sukani a.k.a kifagio, kiwembe kikali. Nadata na makalio, nnjomba nchumali.

It is indeed clear that bongo artists are working really hard to keep people entertained. Could it be out of pressure? Be the judge. Finally, the song gets a rating of 5/10.

Click the link below to watch the video.




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